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Precision Casting

Precision casting is one of the casting methods. Compared with traditional casting processes, precision casting is a special casting method. It can obtain relatively accurate shapes and high casting accuracy.

The use of precision casting can save valuable materials and cutting time, reduce the weight of the blank, and improve product performance.

Not limited by the size, thickness, and complexity of castings, the production method is convenient.

Our precision casting has high dimensional accuracy and surface finish, which can not only achieve mass production and ensure the consistency of castings, but also avoid residual tool marks after processing. Parts that can meet a small amount of demand only require a small amount of machining allowance, according to product needs or heat treatment and cold processing.

Processing Cases

Focusing on processing various parts, we provide flexible order taking solutions for multi variety, small batch, and large batch production. We have established strategic partnerships with well-known enterprises in the fields of aviation, semiconductor, medical, unmanned aerial vehicles, rail transit, laser, terahertz, sensors, and other fields.